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Batman Beta Readers
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Hitchcock slasher
Yikes! I stumbled across Batman Confidential 26-28, and the desire to slash could not be denied. My usual beta is more of a movieverse gal, and she felt iffy about taking on a fic grounded in a specific run of comics, let alone featuring the fabulous Mr. Nygma. Would anybody care to help?

Name: confusedkayt
Universe: This fic is set immediately after the New Dawn arc of Batman Confidential, in which Batman and the Riddler team up to fight King Tut.
Genres: Romance, character study
Characters/Pairings: Batman/Riddler, Alfred and Harvey/Two-Face
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2 chapters, between 2000 and 2500 words each
Warnings: Slash, and a teency bit of strong language.
Summary: Batman has a hunch that something is up with the Riddler after their surprisingly successful team-up against Tut. Also featuring Arkham chess with Two-Face, some gentle nudging by the incomparable Alfred, and Bruce/Batman/Brucie's identity and savior issues.
Beta Specifics: I'll admit that I still haven't quite figured out where Batman Confidential meshes with continuity; my understanding was that we're dealing with a relatively young Dark Knight, but obviously I will need to make some characterization changes if that is not so. Since this is my first crack at the Riddler, I'd love a second pair of eyes critiquing his characterization (and of course those pesky riddles!) And of course, there's nothing like a thorough beta to ensure that I am not rambling.
15th-Mar-2009 02:28 am - Beta and Moderators needed
Hi i' need a few Betas and moderators for my Teen Titans and Batman site?
Name: kuihtuma
Title: This City
Universe: Nolanverse, with sprinkles of Jeph Loeb and Frank Miller.
Genres: Gen
Characters/Pairings: Not any prominent characters, but the Joker makes a brief appearence; alternately you could think it is entirely Joker-centric -- it's purposefully ambiguous.
Rating: PG?
Word Count: About 800
Warnings: Copious use of (hopefully slightly disturbing) bodily metaphors?
Summary: A character study of Gotham City and its citizens.
Beta Specifics: I'm mainly hoping for someone to tell me if the grammar and sentence structures are okay, and point out if things generally don't make sense. Ideally I'd like to know if this works for a reader who has knowledge of Gotham's different incarnations, but knowing Nolanverse will do just fine.

If you're interested, please email me at strangertimes at gmail dot com, or send me a PM! :)
Hello everyone. Dreamy and I (Nightmare) would like to extend the request for a beta willing to read a kind of out there Batman FanFic. I will post our information here and hope that it catches someone's attention. A beta would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Name: Nightmare and Winged Dreamer

Eye of Anubis

Post Zero Hour, after the Luthor mess where Superboy went rogue, ignoring Infinite Crisis

Romance, Angst, Adventure, Fantasy

Bat Clan, Flash Clan, Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes, Egyptian gods, and many random others

Batman / Catwoman, Superboy / Robin, Kid Flash / Wonder Girl

Eventually NC-17

Word Count:
59,000+ so far

Sexual innuendo, occasional language, eventually graphic sex, and one instance of beating and rape

Being the Hand of a Goddess isn't easy, especially when duty pits a girl against the Dark Knight, but the new Catwoman has a mission, and nothing is going to stand in the way of its completion. Not even Batman.

Beta Specifics:
We are looking for someone who is willing to look for potential plot holes and help us create a tighter, more in character story. We have an outline for the entire story already done. The hardest part for us right now is actually writing it, and that is partly because our outline is so long. Someone who would be willing to read both the story and outline would be greatly appreciated.


yellow princess
  • I have already begun writing two batfics so I'm looking for a beta who can pick over already posted chapters and continue to beta future chapters.
  • I'm specifically looking for help in areas of grammar and spelling, so I need someone with an eagle eye who really knows their stuff. I often go back and edit chapters after I've posted them, but another pair of eyes would help.
  • I'm not really looking for help with plot ideas - one fic is already completely planned but the other is floundering in terms of direction, so suggestions would be welcome nonetheless.
  • I'd like a beta who is willing to go over chapters-in-progress as well as finished chapters. Be warned, my schedule is very wonky so updates are sporadic and often far apart.
info under cutCollapse )

11th-Nov-2008 09:27 pm - It's a short one this time:)
Comic Geek!

Summary: There’s the makeup after a rift with someone you care for and then there’s the makeup you put on a face to cover wounds…unless you act like that’s normal.
Universe: General
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13? Or worse for hitting a woman? Plus, there's a bad word somewhere in there.
Word Count: 519
Warnings: Bad word...hitting of a woman...yadda, yadda

Anyone want to help ?
3rd-Oct-2008 04:57 pm - B/C it's obvious I need a beta...
Comic Geek!

Okay, I warn you...this one's a long one. I  guess I got carried away...

Title: Waves and Radiation

Universe: General

Genre: Drama

Rating: PG?

Characters: Harley Quinn, The Joker

Word Count: 3464

Warnings: None.

A/N:  These characters do not belong to me
Summary: Her outfit is a representation of who she is ...a cartwheeeling contradiciton.

So...any takers? *looks around paranoidly*


lucius swims

So I've been laid low with writers block for one of my ongoing fics and am attempting to clear it by courting ever more writers block. Arent we clever? Or cleverly suicidal? In any case, mods pls feel free to delete this post if you find it inappropriate for this forum. 

Name: Lucius Complex
Title: The Aged Ingénue
Universe: Nolanverse
Genres: slash
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Wayne/Jim Gordon
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: aprox 800-1000
Warnings: random fluffs
Summary: the worse thing Jim Gordon ever did was shave off his moustache.
Beta Specifics: whatever you like.
 A short one-shot. Easy breezy beta job. I’ll even bake you batcookies. You'd like the batcookies. The fillings are... random.

25th-Aug-2008 03:07 pm(no subject)
Dark Knight OT3
Name: ricestorm
Title: Too Many Metaphors
Universe: ..."Nolanverse."
Genres: Gen, slight slash
Characters/Pairings: Harvey Dent/Jim Gordon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,173
Warnings: just spoilers for The Dark Knight
Summary: [Dent's] self-righteousness, it irritates Gordon. But not in the same way it irritates all of his other colleagues.
Beta Specifics: Both Harvey and Gordon's characterizations, especially in their conversation.  That's my main concern.  Any other nitpicks would be appreciated though.
Deadline: None
lucius swims
Name: Lucius Complex
Title: Monsters and Bonfires
Universe: Nolanverse
Genres: slash,
Characters/Pairings: Batman/Joker,  Bruce Wayne/Alfred
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 600 max
Warnings: slash, paedophilia reference,
Summary: Alfred wishes that he had anticipated Bruce Wayne’s needs a little better.
Beta Specifics: whatever you like.
Its a short one-person narrative from Alfred’s POV. Meant for submission into the batfic_contest (theme: the love triangle) which ends on 28th,which makes a speedy turn-around essential.
I’m rubbish at grammar and the like so really really need somebody to point out all my flaws. Extra cookies for anything else. 

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