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Batman Beta Readers

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Find a beta/offer to beta for Batman fanfiction
This community's purpose is to help you find a beta for your Batman fanfiction.

What is a beta?
- A beta is an editor, someone who reads over your fic before you publish it online and gives you suggestions on how you can improve it.

If you would like to offer to be a beta, please comment at this post.

If you would like to request a beta, please browse the Master List of Betas or make a post to the community with the following information:

What version of Batman your fic is based on. (Ex: Nolanverse, BTAS, DCU, etc.)
Word Count:
Please list any content your beta reader should know about before they accept to read your fic. (Ex: Spoilers, slash, femmeslash, sexual content, violence, abuse, language, dark content, etc.)
Summary: Don't spoil your fic, but give your beta reader an idea of what they're getting into. (Ex: "A fic that explores a love triangle between Bruce-Rachel-Harvey," or "Bruce and Terry deal with the events after Return of the Joker," etc.)
Beta Specifics: List anything in particular that you would like help on. Characterization, spelling, grammar, canon knowledge, word usage, etc. Are you just looking for someone to catch typos, or do you want an in-depth critique of your fic?
Deadline: If you absolutely need your fic beta'd by a certain date, list that here.

When replying to a beta request to offer your help, make sure to give your e-mail address (or arrange to exchange your e-mail address through PM), so that the requester can send their fic to you.

Please Note: This community is NOT for the posting of fanfic. Please do not post your fics to this comm. Arrange to send your fic to your beta through e-mail. This is especially important if you are intending to enter your fic at batfic_contest, as that community does not accept fics that have been previously published online.


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If you would like to affiliate with batfic_betas, please PM me here.
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