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Batman Beta Readers
Looking for Batman/Joker Fanfiction 
5th-Jun-2015 03:38 pm
Name: Kittryn
Title: Shattered Identities
Universe: Mixed (Comics, Nolan, Mostly the Arkham game line)
Genres: Drama/Romance
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Wayne(Batman)/The Joker
Rating: M or Explicit
Word Count: Currently 124,168 (Not complete)
Warnings: Will contain explicit content between Bruce and the Joker (doesn't currently slow build), has violence, blood and people dying, will be slash.
Summary: The Joker finally decides to crash one of Bruce's parties and no one knows as well as Batman how to catch the madman's attention. Bruce just never thought he'd use it without the mask to save lives. Unfortunately for him once you've got the Clown's attention you never lose it and the last thing Batman needs is a madman whispering in his ear while a new villain is trying to up end his life.
Beta Specifics: The only complaints I've had in reviews is some grammar issues that I have overlooked but I know my sentence structure could use some help since I don't know when to use :'s instead of ,'s. I didn't use paragraphs until another person spoke either, I can easily remedy that in new chapters but the current ones don't. Would appreciate on going betaing but not required.

Thank you for any help you can provide! It'll definitely help my kudo and review count :P

If you'd like to read a bit before committing here is the link https://archiveofourown.org/works/2361071/chapters/5211773
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