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Batman Beta Readers
In desperate need for a Beta! 
22nd-Dec-2009 10:37 pm
Title: Mad World
Post "The Dark Knight
Drama/Romance, dark-ish
Bruce Wayne, Claire Dearing (OC) - Bruce/Claire
T (I guess... Maybe M for later chapters, though I'm not that hard of a writer)
Word Count:
Well... none yet, since I really need to know I have a beta first =)
: No warnings really. It's based on "Batman begins" and "The Dark Knight", so the beta should know those two. And the beta should be okay with OCs ;-)
It is the calm after the storm. The Joker and half of Gotham's mob wait for their trials and the better part of Gotham's police is hunting Batman for the murder of Harvey Dent and five other people. It's not the easiest of jobs for the young DA Claire Dearing. Will she discover the truth behind Dent's death and the mask of Gotham's dark knight? And how will she deal with the charming billionaire Bruce Wayne, who is nothing like the tormented young man, she knew when they first met in Princeton, many years ago?
Beta Specifics
: Well... I'm German, so naturally English is not my first language. That is why I really need a beta, who has an eye on spelling, grammar, canon knowledge (in case I misunderstood something important while watching the movies in English) and word usage. I need someone who can correct anything that sounds odd, because that might happen with a foreign language ;-)

I hope there is someone out there =)
Thanks in advance!
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